Turkey has a variety of options for safe, affordable and quality living. Many Turkish Universities have on campus or nearby dormitories, halls of residence, student house and Students also may rent their own room, flat or private house.

Dormitory Facilities (single, double-occupancy and quadruple rooms); Prices are variety bertween 200 USD and 500 USD (per a month).

–          Internet

–          Mini-refrigerator

–          Bed closet

–          Desk

–          Chair

–          Bed stand

–          Light

–          Pillow and Duvet

–          TV

–          Food (depends on dormitories) 

Housing: 200-350 USD (per a month – depends on the number of people who sharing the house)

Living Expenses: 120-200 USD  (per a month) (Nutrition, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses)

Academic Expenses: 60-80 USD (per a month) (book, photocopy etc.)

Totally: 500-700 USD (per a month) (depends on city)

East Office study in Turkey departmant also offers varies affordable accommodation package for foreign students who want to study in Turkey.

For more informations, please contact with us.


Izmir Office : 0090 232 252 11 78

Istanbul Office : 0090 212 327 99 57