Why Study in Turkey?

Turkish universities which may be grouped into two as Private or Foundation Universities and StateUniversities. At the end of 2012, the number of Universities in Turkey have been reached 168 universities (103 State + 65 Foundation or Private) with 4,353,542 students in total. 

Universities in Turkey provide you;

A world standard education

The Professional and well qualified instructors at the Turkish Universities will lead to tons of opportunities for you to obtain the knowledge and personal skills for your future academic and personal life.

Degrees are internationally recognized

Graduates from the Turkish Universities can be sure that the diplomas and degrees are recognized by the all world. Upon the acceptance from the University you may have some consultation with the ministry of education, or any institutions in charge of the degree recognitions in your county as well.


The campuses at the universities are way too modern and equipped with all required facilities. Rich libraries and technologically advanced libraries are welcoming you in the universities. Clean and neat dormitories, entertainment activities will help you to make good friends while your studies and spend and enjoy your studies there.

Multicultural Life

Being diverse means being rich, means having tolerance and peace in a country. A person visiting Turkey will never feel alone, or alien, as there is a mixture of culture where all get together. Plus the country itself has two parts; East and West. It has established a harmony in the country.

Affordable tuition fees

The education quality is high, but the fees are normal fort he students coming to study in Turkey. It can be said that the fees are lower than most of the European countries, the UK and the USA.

Fun Environment

Turkish nation is very young; this can be said according the statistics. More than %30 of the nation is amongst 12-24 years old. This makes the country to be open to innovation, youth activities and develop the democratic values day by day.

The country is one of the most stable and hegemon countries of the region. Thus the students coming to study here will have a chance of experiencing both the traditional and contemporary life at the same time. Most of the universities are instructing education in English.

Job Opportunities

International students obtain any legal permission to work in Turkey. On the other hand Turkish private or public universities hire the research assistants.

Besides this, many universities recruit the Graduate students with a full scholarship.

Work Permits

In the case of finding a job in Turkey, you will be supposed to return to your country and apply for a work permit before coming back to Turkey. But there is an exteption. If a Turkish citizen can work in your country without a work permit, then this situation is reciprocal, and you also may work in Turkey without any work permit.

Support for International Students 

If you are looking for a fascinating country and university to study, then choose Turkey. Because the universities here are keen on incorporating with the universities and institutions all around the world, either it be in terms of educational, research basis etc., for this reason the universities are open to the International Students, where the university and the students will add each other real experience and new values.

Most of the universities has establishe an international office, international students coming and studying at the universities, may get together in these offices, organise some activities, make some plans etc. The staff working in those offices are very helpful and supporting the students, trying to solve their problems.  Those offices are very useful for the students that having a little problem with adapting to new cultures, and places. A lot of activities and social programs are being organised by the office to help the students to get used to the new life conditions.

Most of the univeristies are members of Erasmus Exchange Program, and students that meet the criterias can apply for the program.

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